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Vote Patrick Wimberly For Inkster Mayor On November 5th 2019!
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Patrick Wimberly

Inkster Mayor Candidate

Inkster's Patrick Wimberly was born March 19, 1974 in Wayne General Hospital.

Patrick attended the Inkster Public school district from Lincoln head start, Douglas Elementary, Fellrath Jr. High to Inkster High School class of 1992. Patrick later attended University of Phoenix 2001-03 majoring in business administration.

Inkster's Patrick Wimberly has successfully worked for Starfish Family Services as the transportation supervisor for the head start program from 2000-2003 and Commercial drivers license instructor from 2002-2005. Patrick became Director of Transportation for Inkster Public Schools in 2003 where he created and expanded the school of choice Transportation pick up and drop offs for over 3000 students later being promoted to Director of Security and Building maintenance. Patrick  continued in that position until the closing of the school district in 2013. Patrick was the Co-founder and Chairman of the Board for Western Wayne Family Centers from 2005-2007. Patrick has held board positions for the following: Inkster zoning board of appeals from 2005-2007, Downtown Development authority (Treasurer)2005-2008, Inkster elections board (Chairman) from 2008-2012, City of Inkster Tax increment board 2011-2012. After a successful political campaign, Patrick was elected Mayor Protem 2008-2012 for the Inkster City Council. Patrick is a change agent, developer and community activist.

Patrick successful owned and operated Suiteb provisioning center the first of its kind in Inkster 2015-2018 where he helped to create the city ordinances to govern the medical program. Patrick is currently the property manager for Mich Ink llc. and Inkster fella Inc.

Patrick is the proud father of three children: Diamond Jade (23), Patric (15) and Priya (12).

Inkster Mayor; Mayor Inkster Michigan, City Of Inkster Michigan 48141-min

Community Pride

I firmly believe Inkster would be better if every citizen (re)invested themselves in our city. You take care of the things you take pride in. You pay attention to the things you take pride in. You take responsibility for the things you take pride in.

Go to any successful city, talk nasty about it and watch how their citizens respond. Go to an event in any successful city and watch how the community takes on the responsibility of care for their community. We are the Gate keepers of our city, Lets take pride in Inkster again!  

Community Responsibility

Inkster requires a vital, 21st-century-style leader with the ability to not only focus on solutions to the problems created by years of neglect by our past and current leaders, but to also lead us into the future with vision and perspective.

As a fellow community member for over 20 years, I understand that respecting our history and unique culture of this city is an important part of navigating Inkster into the future sustainably. I know our biggest challenges come from within. I am prepared to be the credible, capable, and ethical leader Inkster needs. With your support, we’ll get there.

To all the discouraged leaders, young professionals, artists, business owners, families, those who feel 'outside the system', and that haven’t voted locally, maybe ever, you have a vital voice. Everyone in Inkster that is tired of watching the same, old ways keep us from being the community that we desire, let’s focus on what Inkster is going to be.

Community Investment

We don’t have a choice. We must use our resources wisely and efficiently. We have allowed infrastructure to deteriorate with no plans for maintenance. We waste our assets by not up keeping our parks. We continually lose the opportunity to become home to successful business's because of the corruption affiliated with our current Inkster leaders. .

With the shortfalls in our current budget we will continue to lose opportunities for our city to grow, be unable to repair our parks, or maintain and expand infrastructure without increasing city revenue as well.


Community Health And Wellness

I believe that to maintain a vibrant community with a vital workforce and dynamic neighborhoods, it is time talk about our overall health and wellness. Placing health and wellness initiatives at the top of the list of our priorities is an important investment in ourselves.  Supporting local agriculture; giving citizens’ access to maintained green space and play space; providing affordable access to healthy food; creating connectivity between neighborhoods; and yes, access to community leaders – ethical leaders, are all part of a healthy city. 


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